Collection of Children

Collection of Children Policy by Staff

• Prior to collecting the children, any children who are not to attend the service on that particular day are ‘scored off’ the register

• The number of children attending that day is noted on the register. This is calculated after any children are either deleted (absent) or added to the register (emergency place)

• Children gather at the meeting point at 3pm which is in the throught the gym hall then onto the mugga for the big club childrenands the the wee club the meeting point is in the gym hall

• Primary 1 children and new children are collected from their classroom and escorted to the meeting point by a member of staff

• One member of staff highlights the children’s names on the register once the child arrives at the meeting point, procedure continues until all names have been highlighted

• Children are counted to ensure number of children matches with the number of children on the register

• The register is then passed to a second member of staff to double check and children are once again counted to match the number on the register

• If attending children have not arrived at the meeting point by 3.08pm then the missing child policy is adhered to.