Digital Cameras

Inc. Camera phones, DSI’s, PSP’s or any electronic equipment with digital camera facilities

• No camera equipment that is for public use will be permitted on the premises.

• No photographs will be taken of children or staff members unless consent has been given prior.

• Only the clubs own digital camera/I-pod may be used for taking photographs.

• Use of digital camera/I-pod must be supervised by staff at all times.

• No digital photographs will be used for commercial use unless permission is given.

• If a child brings electronic equipment to the club (with camera) this will be taken off the child and kept safe until the parent arrives and signs equipment out.

• BPASC will accept no liability for the loss or damage of mobile phones or other electronic devices which are brought to the club.

• If a member of staff or child is caught taking photographs, video footage or sound recordings of other staff members/service users or any other electronic device without their permission, this will be regarded as a serious offence and may result in disciplinary action.