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“I have been using BPSAC now for 4 years, first with both my Son and Daughter, but now just my Daughter.

I highly rate the level of care,professionalism and quality of the service provided by BPASC ( so do my kids and they’re harder to impress than I am).

This will be my Daughters last year within the club and I know she will miss it, but the good news is that this will allow another family the chance to experience BPASC.”

“You provide an inclusive service meeting the individual child. This is through the resources I have seen offered to them and questions about my child asked in the enrolment. Also the age range of the staff who helps out is great. I think this helps provide a rounded wrap care and brings different perspectives in dealing with any issues. I know my child is safe and is part of the team of the after school club.

All staff are approachable and happy to help or listen to any questions I have as a parent. This is also very important for a primary 1 mum getting used to school and all the concerns and change this brings to the family.

Summer camp before school started and since beginning of term. ….4 months”

“You are a 10 out of 10 for me The Munce family have used your service for 10 years”

“I would rate the service as 10 out of 10 for value, experience (for our daughter and us as parents) and the people who run the service. Our daughter likes being dropped off, doesn’t seem to want to leave and has made friends across a range of ages (met up with kids from her nursery days). In terms of quality of service, expectations have been exceeded. I still can’t believe what is offered in terms of being able to take kids to other clubs from after school and we have only received quick and quality responses to questions.”

“We’ve only used the service for a couple of months and are only using it on a limited basis (once a week and occasionally more if work messes up with our plans). Again, we were impressed at how quick the response was to asking if there was space to squeeze our daughter in on an extra session.”

“We’ve used the service for over 5 years. It is invaluable and we couldn’t function as a working family without it. The club is a trusted place for us and our children. Most importantly it is also lots of fun where social bonds are made without thought and where a child’s confidence develops in an environment they enjoy.

Keep up the good work.”

“9.5 / 10. I think you all do a great job, you provide a variety of activites for the children to do and I receive regular feedback from the staff at pick up time regarding what the children have been doing, how they been behaving etc The fact that you also accomodate taking children to other local clubs is fantastic.

I used the p1 club back in August 2014, but have been a regular user since June 2015”